Precast Concrete Solutions

Jacking Pipe

KKSP is India's leading manufacturer of Jacking Pipe.We have a wide range of diameters, lengths and strengths available. Our Jacking Pipe has a proven track record and can be custom designed for applications such as drainage, sewage, water supply and irrigation.

A wide robust range is available from DN300 to DN3000 inclusive. They are a custom designed reinforced concrete jacking pipe incorporating a single wide jacking face including timber packers, a secure steel collar castonto the pipe and a flexible watertight joint. All these being essential for longer pipe jacks and unstable ground conditions.

The fixed steel collar jacking pipes provides high axial load transfer capacity and a flexible watertight joint. This is the ideal jacking pipe for all stormwater, sewerage, sleeve pipe and jacked low-pressure pipeline applications.

What's New

  • KKSP is now manufacturing 2600 dia concrete pipes, the biggest pipe ever to be casted in India.
  • KKSP has launched precast concrete manholes in the Indian market.
  • KKSP has also launched S-class jacking pipes in the Indian market.