Precast Concrete Solutions

Traffic Management

KKSP can also provide precast kerbing and barrier solutions, manufactured to local road authority specifications. These are easy to install and can help simplify temporary or permanent traffic management issues.

Road Barriers

traffic control road equipment

Precast concrete highway barriers serve as more than just barricades against unwanted vehicular traffic - they also serve as safety and security devices.

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rcc concrete pipes

KKSP offers an extensive range of kerb inlet solutions for roadside entry points. The range is designed to suit all modern kerb and gutter profiles.

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What's New

  • KKSP is now manufacturing 2600 dia concrete pipes, the biggest pipe ever to be casted in India.
  • KKSP has launched precast concrete manholes in the Indian market.
  • KKSP has also launched S-class jacking pipes in the Indian market.