conical manholes manufacturers

Conical Manholes

KKSP has done a major progress in field of providing customized pre-casted products. Its exclusive product being the conical manholes. Conical manholes are used in laying and joining of underground cables for both telecom and power sector.

Salient Features:
Developed at specific requirement of the customer.
The manufacturing is done with concrete with strength as high as 30 M.
The dimensions of the manhole can be varied by changing the number of rings while assembling the manhole.

The construction is very cost effective as it is just 2/3rd that of hand holes.
All manholes are provided with lifting holes so that it is very convenient to elevate and install them.
They are easy to transport, as they require a maximum of 2-3 workers.
It has a quick laying rate

What's New

  • KKSP is now manufacturing 2600 dia concrete pipes, the biggest pipe ever to be casted in India.
  • KKSP has launched precast concrete manholes in the Indian market.
  • KKSP has also launched S-class jacking pipes in the Indian market.